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History is a Foundation for the Future

Downtown Painesville is where industry and innovation meet, and our dynamic history shape the diverse, evolving community we are today. We’re a city that values new ideas. From the invention of the Vulcan automobile to brave first flights for women pilots like Margaret Hurlburt, who was influenced by Amelia Earhart, we are a city that embraces our culture. From the days of being a stop on the Underground Railroad to the diverse people of today who call Painesville home. We’re a city that will never rest on our laurels. As a Main Street city with two centuries of rebuilding under our belts, we have always known that progress is a roadmap for success.

Settling into Painesville
A snapshot of our past begins in 1798 when the Connecticut Land Company surveyed Painesville as part of the Western Reserve. The first residents came in 1800-66 and included pioneers John Walworth and Gen. Edward Paine. 

A township government and post office evolved by 1803. By 1805, Gen. Henry Champion laid out a village plot and called it by his name. In 1832, Painesville was chosen as the name, and eight years later designated as the Lake County seat.

Growing through History 
In the mid-1800s, Painesville was the largest community between Cleveland and Erie—and today we are the fastest growing small town between Buffalo and Chicago. Through the decades, we continue to evolve and thrive by planting new businesses and attracting residents who support Painesville.

Tap Into Our Archives
Dive into archives and learn about the people who shaped Painesville centuries ago and in recent times. Explore the Lake County History Center or Morley Library genealogy and local history room.

Experience the Present 

Downtown Painesville Historic Walking Tours step off at 85 North Park Place and offer a taste of what makes our Main Street a district that honors history while building a strong future.

• Meet for the Evergreen Cemetery Walking Tour and experience the celebrated landscape while you learn about Painesville’s influential tastemakers.

Discover Downtown Painesville Today

Our past shapes the future. Downtown Painesville Organization honors our community’s rich heritage as a foundation for future growth. Learn about how we’re creating a Main Street that will continue to make history.


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